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Giant Cloudbuster Red

  4 ft - Giant Cloudbuster Red $47.00
  5.5 ft - Giant Cloudbuster Red $59.00
  8 ft - Giant Cloudbuster Red $96.00
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Product Information

Cloudbuster Chloroprene balloons make a huge impact at both outdoor and indoor events. A blend of natural and synthetic latex allows these longer-than-life balloons to withstand the elements and float for days when inflated with helium. Flying times and helium requirements:
4-foot: 4-5 days 40 cubic feet of helium
5.5-foot: 7 days 90 cubic feet of helium
8-foot: 2 weeks 275 cubic feet of helium

Flying times are approximate and will vary depending on inflation size, temperature and atmospheric conditions. In addition, Cloudbuster Balloons should be brought indoors during the evening and bad weather, including rain and wind to achieve these flying times.

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