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Summer Ideas

Say it with Balloons

Birthdays. Get Wells. Anniversaries. Whatever the heydays, we've got you covered. Balloon gifts elevate good-tidings to a new level. Balloon Emporium has a wide array of ideas that cover just what you want to say. So express yourself. Finding the right gift is practically child's play. Choose from the categories below to see what we offer:



Seasonal Balloon Bouquets


Jungle Pals Balloon BouquetSummer#1- animals
Jungle Pals Balloon Bouquet (4 Balloons)

  • Jungle Party Elephant 33in Mylar
  • Jungle Party Lion 25in Mylar
  • Jungle Party Monkey 26in Mylar
  • Jungle Party Zebra 30in Mylar
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor




Ocean Friends Balloon BouquetSummer#2- sea mammalsOcean Friends Balloon Bouquet (10 Balloons)

  • 7 Jewel Tone Rainbow  11in Latex  w/Hi-Float
  •  Blue Whale 32in Mylar
  • Tropical Fish 33in Mylar
  • Blue Dolphin 37in Mylar
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


Monkey Business Balloon BouquetSummer#3- monkey Monkey Business Balloon Bouquet (8 Balloons)

  • Jungle Party Monkey 26in Mylar
  • 6 Airspray Jumbo 16in Latex w/Hi-Float and Twisty Collar
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor



Butterfly Canvas Balloon BouquetSummer#4- flowers & butterflies
Butterfly Canvas Balloon Bouquet (10 Balloons)
  •  2 Butterfly 25in Mylars
  • 5 Latex Balloon Blossoms with Twisty Collars
  • 3 Airspray Jumbo 16in Latex w/Hi-Float amd Twisty Collars
  • Balloon Bouquet Ancho


Polka Dots Balloon BouquetSummer#5- poke-a-dot pastels
Polka Dots Balloon Bouquet (10 Balloons)

  • 10 Pastel Big Dot Jumbo 16in Latex balloons w/Hi-Float
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor




Tropic Fun Balloon BouquetSummer#6- Sea, Land, Sun
Tropic Fun Balloon Bouquet (4 Balloons)

  • Sea Horse 35in Mylar (design may vary)
  • Prismatic Sun 24in Mylar
  • Palm Tree 29in Mylar (design may vary)
  • ropical Fish 33in Mylar
  •  Balloon Bouquet Anchor





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Seasonal Decorations

Decor-PoolDecor-Pool Entrance To An Under the Sea PartyEntrance To An "Under the Sea" Party Arch Columns Pool Lighted BackyardArch Columns Pool Lighted Backyard Arch Flower CarnivalArch Flower Carnival
Beach Ball ArchBeach Ball Arch ButterFly ArchButterFly Arch Double Arch Beach Flags Tent JumboDouble Arch Beach Flags Tent Jumbo Sculpt-SmFlowerHoueTropical Decor Cutouts
Arch-PoolArch-Pool Arch- TropicalArch- Tropical Lolly PopsLolly Pops Arch Pool Mega GraduationArch Pool Mega Graduation
Mini Palm TreeMini Palm Tree TropicsTropics SOP/Columns-PrincessPalm Tree WithToucan Arch Butterfly Tree FlowersWaterfall
Palm Tree SculpturesPalm Tree Sculptures Octopus Ocean Sea SculptureOctopus Ceiling Sculpture Summer BannerSummer Banner Pool Ball StringsFish & Bubble Columns
Octopus ArchOctopus Arch Flower SculptureFlower Sculpture Colorful FlowersColorful Flowers dolphin archRainforest of Balloons
Pool SOPPool SOP Pool Giant DecorPool Giant Decor Pool Clusters-1Pool Clusters-1 Whale Mouth EntrywayWhale Mouth Entryway
AnchorAnchor pool bubblespool bubbles Arch Rainbow Wizard OzArch Rainbow Wizard Oz Fairy Tree Entrance ArchFairy Land Entrance Arch

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Birthday Balloon Bouquets

Birthday Blast


  • Birthday 36in Round Mylar
  • Party Hat Smiles 39in Mylar
  • 3 Airship 4ft Latex w/ Hi-Float®
  • 2 Birthday Jumbo 16in Latex w/ Hi-Float®
  • 3 Airspray Jumbo 16in Latex w/ Hi-Float®
  • Donut Balloon with Ring w/ Hi-Float®
  • 2 Megaloon 3ft Mylar Age Numbers of choice (Colors may vary)
  • Birthday Cake Slice 22in Mylar - Personalized
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


(Single digit- $115.95)

Circus Bouquet  


  • Birthday Starburst 37in Mylar
  • Circus Party Elephant 33in Mylar
  • Circus Party Lion 25in Mylar
  • Circus Party Tiger 25in Mylar
  • Circus Party Monkey 26in Mylar
  • Carousel Horse 41in Mylar
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


(with Juggles the Clown-$89.95)





Hot Air Birthday


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY 18in Mylar
  • 1lb Hershey's Kisses®
  • 3ft Hot Air Balloon w/ Hi-Float®




Blossom Bouquet


  • 7 Rainbow Latex Balloon Blossoms w/ Hi-Float®
  • 2 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 18in Mylars
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


Twister StarBurst Birthday  


  • Birthday Cheer 37in Starburst Mylar
  • 7 Spray 16in Latex w/ Hi-Float® & Curled Twisty Collar
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


Birthday Princess


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess Crown 25in Mylar
  • 2 Silver 20in Mylar Stars
  • 6 Pink & Lilac Jumbo 16in Latex w/ Hi-Float®
  • Megaloon 3ft Mylar Number for ages 1-9
  • Balloon Bouquet Anchor


(Double digit- $99.95)


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